How To Use CBD Topicals

What is a roll-on?

Our roll-ons are topical ointments that can be massaged into the skin using the roller-ball applicator. Roll it generously onto your temples, neck, joints, wrists, soles of your feet, pulse points, or wherever you could use a little relaxation or inspiration, then rub until the silky sheen is gone. 

Most people are familiar with topicals as lotions, soaps, and creams. Essentially, any cosmetic ingredient meant to be rubbed on the skin is considered a topical. Think of our roll-ons as a serum for the whole body. Have a headache? An arthritic knee? A bug bite? Want healthier skin? Our specialized roll-on bottles allow you to administer CBD-rich, nourishing ointment wherever and whenever  you need a little soothing or vivification. CBD topicals provide effective relief from localized muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation, while emerging research and anecdotal evidence shows they’re likely effective against headaches, itching, cramping, acne, eczema, and an ever-growing list of ailments.

Suggested use:

  • Face: Our all-natural ingredients are rich with non-comedogenic, conditioning ingredients that will help your face feel soft and nourished. We recommend rolling it on after washing your face, then gently massaging it in. Rubbing a dab onto your upper lip keeps the aromatherapeutic benefits of our essential oils front and center when you need a quick change of mood.

  • Temples: Headache? Stress? Distracted? Roll it onto the temples, then massage it in across the forehead.

  • Neck and Shoulders: For many, the neck and shoulders are chronically tight areas that could use a little relaxation. Try applying the roll-on starting behind the ears and drawing it down towards the shoulder blades. Apply generously, and rub in while putting pressure on the muscles. Throw those shoulders back and go get ‘em!




  • Pulse Points: These occur wherever the artery is compressed near the surface of the body. Our roll-ons are formulated for maximum skin penetration, and these points are closest to the bloodstream.

  • Joints: CBD oil shows a lot of promise in helping with arthritis and other issues arising from inflammation. Roll these topicals onto your wrists, knees, ankles, elbows, and anywhere else that gets stiff or sore. We recommend doing so before and after activities that may aggravate these hard-working areas.

  • Bumps, Scrapes, and Bites: Life can be a pain, and pain sucks. Roll-on our ointments to help bring down inflammation and soothe pain whenever you feel the itch.


  • Hands: Whether or not you work in a hands-on industry, you work with your hands. We all rely on our hands on a daily basis, and our roll-on topicals are designed to help soothe chapped hands, ease achy hands, and relax tense hands. Roll a layer of oil over your palms, fingers, and knuckles, then rub your hands together.
  • Soles: Make a ritual of rolling oil onto the soles of your feet before bed or after a morning shower. Your feet work hard, and their pores are large. Give this ultra-absorbent region a pick-me-up with feel-good ingredients that help fight inflammation, bacteria, and fungus.

  • Abdomen:  Tension and uncomfortable abdominal symptoms go hand in hand. So whether you have anxiety, menstrual cramps, or IBS, take a moment to destress, rub a little self-care on your belly, and breathe.
  • Lower Back:  The lumbar region of your back works hard to support the upper half of your body. It’s a big job, and the muscles there often suffer as a consequence. Roll some oil on your back just  around and above your hips whenever this area starts to feel sore or tired.


The great thing about our topicals is that you can’t overuse them! We recommend starting with a routine of twice a day, and adding applications whenever you need a breather, a little ataraxia, or some relief. When it comes to your body, you know best, and we suggest you take a break from a busy workday or workout, apply, and get back to it. For steady pain like headaches or sore muscles, apply every hour or two until gone.

Ultimately, let your body be your guide and develop your own rituals.

Suggested storage:

Our topicals have as many uses as they have users. Here at Boojum Group, our staff and customers all have favorite places to stash our roll-ons. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Glove Compartment: Keep “Uplift” in your car for a pick-me-up on your way to work, home, or out for an adventure. Take a deep breath and rub a light dab behind your ears, into your wrists and hands, or under your collar bones to give yourself a reset before your next act.

  • The Nightstand: Keep “Calm” by your bedside for when you’re ready to unwind from a long day. Try dabbing it around your temples and under your jawline to soothe away any lingering stress. 

  • The Locker: “Relieve” is a natural at the gym. Douse your lower back, your hamstrings, your triceps, your quads, your traps, your pecs, your glutes… We could go on, but you get the picture. Lingering aches and pains, inflammation, or post-workout micro-tears? Our CBD was made for that.

  • The Desk: What do YOU need at work? A little “Uplift” to inspire you and help you focus? Some “Calm” before (or after) the storm? Maybe something to “Relieve” tense shoulders and computer strain? Whatever travails your job entails, our roll-ons have got you covered. Try rolling your favorite from behind your ears down to your shoulders to relax tense muscles, or dab a little under your nose to help you center and focus.

  • The Bag: Whether you carry a purse, backpack, messenger bag, fanny pack, or tote, these topicals will pull their own weight. Rub them on bumps and scratches, moisturize dry hands, or dab them onto your forehead to ease headaches. Life is unpredictable, so be prepared for anything by packing all three!

We believe in the therapeutic properties of CBD, and want people to experience those for themselves. This means that we put high concentrations of cannabinoids in our products, because if you aren’t getting an effective dosage, you aren’t going to feel the difference. Most of the CBD in topicals will penetrate only the first few layers of the skin, or dermis. When the cannabinoid receptors in those layers are activated, they may cause a reduction in pain, inflammation, itchiness, and temperature—which translates to relief from a wide range of ailments. 

To learn more about what makes our products special, visit our how-to page where you’ll find information on how CBD works, along with a comprehensive overview of the role of every all-natural, plant-based ingredient we put in our products.

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