Tips For Staying Positive Throughout Your Busy Week

Like The Kinks once sang, “it’s your attitude.” You might be shocked at how much a simple adjustment of your perspective might improve your life, even if sometimes it feels easier to go about it the opposite way. One thing you can almost always control about your circumstances is your attitude, and some of these tips might help you stay positive even in the face of a hectic pace at work or challenges in your personal life. Give them a try, and you might find yourself feeling a little bit better even in the face of adversity.

Get Altruistic 

Studies show that thinking about the wellbeing of other people can give you a greater sense of positivity and purpose in your own life. Sometimes, the difference between negativity and positivity can just be a change in the needs and wants you’re focusing on in your life.

But Don’t Overdo It 

It’s possible to go too far on the altruism trip, though, which can lead to burnout and maybe even worse, resentment. So even though it’s good to be thoughtful and attentive to other people, don’t become so altruistic that you neglect what’s going on with you. Once you find the right balance of altruism and self-interest, a better and more positive outlook will likely follow. 

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Create A Positive Environment At Work 

No matter what your job is, it’s likely that your own workspace could stand to be a little more positive. Positivity in this case can translate into anything that makes you happy. It’s not about “pieces of flair,” but objects or images that genuinely make wherever you work a little bit more bearable to be -- and this is true if you’re working from home, too. 

Positive Affirmations 

It might sound corny, but the things we say to ourselves actually do matter, and can affect our mood, our outlook, and our lives. If you’re the kind of person who finds yourself having negative thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “this sucks,” try balancing them out with some positive affirmations, too. They can be about your own abilities at work or what you’re looking forward to when the week is finally over -- as long as they give you a glimmer of hope, they’re positive enough to work. 


In a similar vein as positive affirmations, meditation has a proven track record of giving adherents all over the world a more positive outlook on life. Find a school of meditation that works for you, and then try to carve out a few minutes each day to practice it, and you might soon find that the drudgery and tedium of your work life seems just a bit more tolerable. 

Get Some More Exercise 

It’s not always easy to find time to exercise, especially if you’re busy at work. However, a greater sense of positivity is among the myriad benefits of better physical fitness. Consider taking a brisk walk or doing some other form of exercise you like as often as you can.

Eat Right 

Some of us don’t want to acknowledge it, but the foods we eat really can affect our moods in unwanted ways. Some so-called “good mood foods” recommended by nutritionists include fruits and vegetables, as well as anything rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And no, you aren’t imagining things when chocolate gives you a better mood, too. All of these good mood foods can likely be used to improve your negative outlook. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is, in many ways, a miracle cure for any number of ailments. Particularly for people who feel burdened by overwork or too much stress. Giving a little bit more priority to a full night’s sleep can work wonders. If you’ve found yourself to be too much of a downer, lately, try getting that doctor-recommended eight hours for a few nights in a row and see if things don’t start to look a little better when you’re better rested. 

Express Yourself 

Positive affirmations are one thing, but it never pays off long-term to bottle your emotions up inside. If you feel bad about something, give yourself the mental space to express it, otherwise it can stick in your craw, fester, and get worse, which leads to -- surprise -- a more negative outlook. By giving yourself permission to express not-so-positive thoughts, you can actually increase the amount of positive thoughts you do have, which is always a good thing, especially if you’re looking for ways to stay positive even in busy circumstances. 

Make a Small Change 

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, there are a few small things you can do to try and break out of it. A new haircut, a new change of clothes, a new pair of glasses or shoes -- none of these things are going to change your life completely, but they can contribute to a more positive attitude in ways you might not even be able to anticipate. 

None of these tips are going to change your life. But they might help to change your attitude, which can be almost as good. Give a few of them a try, and if they make it easier to stay positive even when you’re overworked or overstressed, the effort they require will have been worth it.

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