How To Create A Daily Wellness Routine

So you want to get healthier. For most of us, that boils down to a pretty simple set of directives: eat better, sleep better, get more exercise. But all three of those goals are much easier to reach when you have a daily routine to stick to. Here are a few tips for doing just that, with the goal of creating a healthier you by way of a daily routine that will improve over time. 

Get Moving 

If you feel like your body could use a little bit more daily exercise, a simple adjustment in attitude might be the answer. If you find a physical activity that you can enjoy doing every day, it can serve as the perfect daily antidote to a sedentary lifestyle. One pitfall that can be easy to fall into is driving everywhere, even when your destination is close enough to walk. Change the way you think about “walking distance” and ditch the car every once in a while, and a little bit of extra exercise will automatically follow. 

Hemp-Based Products

Hemp-based products have exploded in popularity in recent years, and they’ve done the trick for a variety of ailments. Their calming/relaxing benefits can act as a boost to your overall health, as well. Stress can be a very serious physical condition when it accumulates over time, and hemp-based products that relax you and relieve stress can be a legitimate part of many daily wellness routines. 


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Regulate Your Sleep Habits 

The glow of smartphones and TV screens in conjunction with our hectic, always-something-happening world have had an effect of keeping us up too late and getting us up too early. Sleep is as important as diet or exercise to maintaining health and wellness, and getting your recommended eight hours a night as often as possible can have a startling impact on your energy and fitness. 

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables 

By making fruits and veggies a regular, daily part of your diet, you’ll find yourself enjoying the health benefits of proper nutrition as well as decreased amounts of calories, fat, sugar, salt, etc. If you’re only eating a salad once a week or so, those benefits become drastically reduced. Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables out there, so even a committed junk food addict can improve their daily diet with a little bit of willpower. 

Slow Down 

A lot of health problems can be directly or indirectly traced back to a high-stress, hectic lifestyle. So why not save yourself some grief later on and slow things down a little? It might not be easy, but if you begin to think of your lifestyle as the ultimate health issue you may begin to see the importance of relaxation. Overwork and overstress can seem like necessary byproducts of whatever your professional or other goals might be, but if you put a priority on relaxation for your own health, you’ll likely find a few places where you can afford to slow down just a little. 


In that same vein of slowing down, meditation is an easy and not very time-consuming thing you can do every day. Regular daily meditation has proven benefits that in some traditions go back thousands of years, so there’s no reason at all it can’t work for you. And by making meditation a reliable and regular part of your daily routine, you may be subconsciously encouraging other daily healthful habits, as well. 


Drinking water every day is essential to good health, and we’re not talking about water found in soda or alcoholic beverages. One of the simplest things you can do to improve your daily wellness routine is taking care to get those recommended eight glasses of water per day. If that’s too much math for you to perform on a daily basis, try just drinking water when you’re thirsty. Another easy health fix that a lot of people could make right away is swapping out sodas and other unhealthy drinks during meals with plain yet refreshing water. It’s an exceedingly easy way to slash calories and sugar, and water is great for your body on its own. 

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day 

It probably originated as a slogan to sell oatmeal, but there really is a bit of truth to the cliche that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping your morning meal can lead to ravenous hunger and bad food choices later in the day, while cramming a pastry down your throat on the way out the door can really be doing more harm than good. But a balanced breakfast, generous with protein, healthy fat, and complex carbohydrates can be a perfect start to your daily routine, and keep your energy up as you go about your day -- or at least until lunchtime. 

Take Breaks 

One common reason for a daily wellness routine to go off the rails is from burnout. But you can keep your mind and body healthy by taking a quick break at regularly scheduled intervals, which can make it easier to stick to any wellness routine that you’ve decided to try. On the other hand, if stress from your job (or whatever) becomes overwhelming, it’s much more likely that you’ll decide to skip your sensible breakfast or veg out on the couch all day instead of getting outside and exercising, perpetuating a vicious cycle of unhealthy behavior. 

By following some or all of these tips, you can put together a wellness routine that’s not only healthy, but dependable, so you can stick to it every day and enjoy the health benefits. Good luck out there, and stay healthy!

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