9 Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Coffee

Like almost everything else in this world, energy is a finite resource that needs to be replenished when it runs low. For most people, the standard way to do this is coffee. But if that’s no longer cutting it, and you’re looking for some alternatives to the basic daily java, you have plenty of options. So here are 10 ways to boost your energy without coffee.

Start Your Day with an Energy-Conscious Breakfast 

It’s a common tradition to start your day with a cup of coffee, but there are plenty of other foods that can give you a boost of energy. Anything rich in carbohydrates, fats and proteins will do the trick: think granola and yogurt or an apple and peanut butter, or even some leafy greens. They won’t give you the same jolt that a cup of coffee will, but you also won’t experience the same sharp caffeine crash, and they’re probably a better and cleaner source of energy overall. 

Hemp-Based Products 

Getting energy from hemp-based products is an often overlooked method of giving yourself a boost. But research suggests that certain hemp-based products can be used to promote energy, focus, and concentration. They can activate the neurons needed during the day and make you feel energized and focused, no coffee required. 


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Get Some More Sleep 

There’s a reason almost every health and/or wellness article on the Internet hammers on the importance of a good night’s sleep. It is vital to all the daily functions of your body and mind. If you’re finding yourself lacking in energy throughout the day, it can often be traced back to a sleep issue, especially since very few of us are getting our recommended eight hours a night. Try prioritizing a full night’s sleep and see if you don’t find yourself with a surplus of energy during those slow afternoon hours.

While getting a good night’s sleep is good for keeping your store of energy where it needs to be, there’s nothing like a power nap for a quick boost during the day. Grab a 20-minute nap in the afternoon and you can enjoy its restorative, energy-boosting powers. But be warned: It’s no substitute for a full night’s sleep. And if you doze off for more than 20 minutes, you might end up groggy and muddled. However, a well-timed power nap can work wonders. 

Regular Exercise 

Much like sleep and eating healthy, exercise is a good remedy for a variety of problems. But it’s especially good if you’re finding yourself in need of an energy boost. Even something as quick and easy as a brisk walk can release certain chemicals into your brain that increase your alertness and give your body the energy it needs. 

Stimulating Breath Technique 

For most people, a newfangled breathing technique will probably never replace a daily cup of coffee. But many people swear by “Bellows Breath,” a yogic breathing exercise that lets your body know it’s in need of some extra oomph. The technique is simple: you just breathe in and out very quickly through your nose with your mouth closed for about ten seconds, pausing for a break to breathe normally. Then you repeat the process several times. It’s louder than normal breathing, but the energy benefits are undeniable. 

Drink Water 

Staying hydrated is another one of those wellness tips, like getting enough sleep and exercise, that’s a no-brainer. Everybody needs water, and the standard recommendation of eight glasses a day might help you stay energized and focused throughout your workday. And at least where energy is concerned, the colder the water, the better. 

Take An Outdoor Break 

Humans in the modern world are often disconnected with nature. It might not seem like a relevant notion when discussing energy, but some research indicates that being around nature for short periods can leave one energized and focused. If you’re lucky enough to be able to do it, consider a short daily nature break for a quick boost of wholesome, outdoor energy. This might go without saying, but you could also easily pair this with that recommended brisk walk for two energy boosting techniques in one. 


The same principle that applies to high-energy dance music can also apply to a quick energy jolt in other contexts. Fun, upbeat, and (of course) energetic music can have real tangible benefits where energy is concerned. Just be careful that you don’t get so pumped up that you can’t sit still and focus on the tasks at hand. 

Schedule Something to Look Forward to at the End of the Day

There are tangible, brain chemical-y reasons that you might feel like you need an energy boost on a typical day. But there’s also the matter of simple psychology to consider. That’s why it’s been recommended by some that you put something fun on your schedule at the end of the day that you can look forward to. That way, your flagging energy can be rejuvenated by the mere anticipation of what’s in store. Of course, what the thing actually is is up to you: a special meal, a trip to somewhere you like, an episode of your favorite TV show, whatever. As long as you’re looking forward to it, schedule it at the end of your day and see if it doesn’t do the trick.

If you’re a busy person with a busy schedule, a certain amount of tiredness is bound to catch up with you eventually. But with these tips for boosting your body’s energy reserves, you might just be able to cope with those everyday stresses a little bit better.

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